Morford Overview

Descendents of Thomas of Monmouth, NJ » PA » IN

These families are the ancestors of my remarkable great-grandmother Audrey Fay Morford and her mother Etta Belle Lyon. The Morfords and Lyons are pioneer families; both lines stretch back to the American colonial period and migrated frequently.

The Morfords of Monmouth and Middlesex counties in New Jersey are presumed descendents of John Morford, born c. 1650 in England, died 24 August 1738 in Cranbury, Middlesex County, New Jersey. My branch springs from his son (?) Thomas who married Rebecca Applegate, and from them through several generations to William Morford and Phebe Robison or Robinson, who relocated their family to Mercer County, Pennsylvania and later to Porter County, Indiana, where they were fruitful and did multiply in a manner rarely seen today.

William and his son Francis Marion Morford are both key individuals in tracing this family branch. They are easily confused with contemporaries of the same name who are in the same general location. My Francis Marion Morford was born in 1847, not 1837, and is not the one found in the 1860 Ohio census in the household of Rachel Morford. Likewise, my William Morford is not the one who served in the Iowa Greybeards regiment. The many repetitions of these names makes it absolutely vital that researchers review the entire family and their surroundings, to be sure of identifications.

In my research on the Morford line to date, I am deeply indebted to my cousin Vicky Winfield—who shares my Day ancestry and through that an interest in the Morfords that married into her line—and to the detailed research of the inimitable Mrs. Enid Adams. Her Morford Historian and related research are a treasure trove of information. I'm still sifting through it all.

The Lyons are well documented, primarily via the Lyon Memorial, and much of the information in this site comes from that source. The allied Viles and Leach lines, however—especially the Leaches—are far more obscure and challenging, and have been the primary focus of my attention on this branch. I have cousins far too numerous to list here who have provided invaluable assistance on these troublesome lines; all are mentioned as sources where appropriate, and most can be reached via the VILES-L surname list on Rootsweb. You all know who you are (and anyone who reads my source lists will know too), and I cannot thank you enough for your help and your friendship.

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